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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight the german government says it has been hit by a cyber attack the suspects russian hackers and there may be a u.s. presidential connection is confirming a government fire wall was breached and sensitive information stolen from both the defense and foreign ministries the hackers are said to belong to the same group that attacked the democratic national committee ahead of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election also coming up and no more the international olympic committee lives doping ban on russia the athletes tests at the pyongyang the winter
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olympics they came back negative and why were investigative reporter young and his fiance martina over shot dead could there be a link to what turned out to be the final story. barbara goff it's good to have you with us reports are coming in tonight that the german government's computers have been hit in a cyber attack berlin confirming that a group infiltrated the foreign and defense ministries and may have stolen sensitive data sources say a hacking group with alleged links to the russian government broke into the government's network the attacks were apparently discovered in december but were only made public today the. ministry of the interior confirmed tonight of the
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attacks took place. our let's bring in our political correspondent all over salad he's on the story for us tonight here in berlin good evening to you oliver so we've got the german government confirming that the federal id system has been attacked and breached what sort of attacks are we talking about here that's right the german ministry of the interior confirmed this attack they say it's isolated now and under control apparently the foreign ministry will concerned as well we do not know exactly how big the damage is what we do know is that malware was installed on the government's servers and also all of that data was stolen this attack might have started up to a year ago wolf it was then only discovered in december and published today and we know the german media are reporting that a group known as a p t twenty eight was behind the attack what do we know about this group. well
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these so-called a.p.t groups in general are concerned or are considered the most among the most powerful and professional hacking groups worldwide and security experts believe that there are about one hundred fifty groups like this operating internationally and they're extremely well prepared well equipped with financial resources also with personnel and the and the necessary know how to carry out these kinds of attacks so that security experts believe that state actors are behind them or supporting them at least simply because otherwise they wouldn't be able to operate on such a high highly professional level now with regards to that group you mentioned a p t twenty eight of this group is also known as fancy be an alleged russian hacker group and that might ring a bell because this is the same hacker group that is considered. considered in
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charge all carrying out or having carried out the attack on the server of the conservative party in the run up to the u.s. elections in two thousand and sixteen and the german government also believes that they are in charge of an earlier attack on the german bonus talks server in two thousand and fifteen only a year before that so we might have russia behind this attack that's right over and we know the german intelligence has warned repeatedly that more cyber attacks could come from russia targeting the german governments i mean we've been warned do we know there what type of data may have gone missing. well we're talking about a data network that is used by the government by the various different ministries the interior ministry obviously and the ministry of the foreign ministry that were targeted here today but also by the chancellery by the bonus talk the german parliament and several other of very important all forwards and as you can
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imagine they're hosting valuable sensitive information there now these eight p.t.'s we're talking of all they're not after money they're exactly after this kind of information pool which is politically valuable and authorities are now trying to find out how big the damage really is and their biggest fear of course is that the whole data network off the government is concerned our political correspondent over selling the story tonight on that cyber attack here in germany all over thank you very much the international olympic committee has confirmed that russia's olympic ban has been lifted with the b.d.s. effects despite two russian athletes failing doping tests at deep young chain winter games the country was reinstated after all remaining tests came back negative russia was banned after revelations of state sponsored duping at the sochi games back in two thousand and fourteen. competed his neutrals in pyong chan was on tuesday president vladimir putin on a diminished russian patriots. the country's
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a limp a green statement means the next time any of these athletes win a limb pick goals up top the podium hearing that only one of them once more putin keen to move on from the dating scandal in total russia's ban lasted less than three months the i.o.c. is moved and surprisingly welcomed by russians and picked committee. and there's an issue with that is today's decision of the i.o.c. is one of the most important for us because the russian olympic committee is once again completely reinstated in its rights and is now a completely full fledged member of the olympic family. the speech before it was revelations from this man calls that it helped lead to the ban the former moscow director of the whistle on a state backed plot to cheat doping tests at the twenty fourteen sochi games as
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a result clean athletes from russia were only allowed to take part in chiang under the olympic flag the red white and blue kept firmly out of sight. and today two of them including alexander crucial need ski failed drug tests while in south korea the i.o.c. agreed on sunday to lift the ban if no of the athletes tested positive they didn't and russia's reinstatement was completed. are going to impact the story a little bit to do that i'm joined by jonathan crane from our sports just good to have you on the show so was this decision a big surprise interest for and i don't think it was i think it was always going to be a case of if not if the ban was lifted we've been building up to this really ever since the i.o.c. decided to allow one hundred sixty eight russian athletes to compete as neutral as this kind of indicated a reinstatement was maybe on the cards sooner rather than later and i think actually we would have seen them. marching on the drawing flag of the closing ceremony had it not been for those two. that really kind of changed the i.c.c.
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thinking to some extent i think a lot of members that would favor a backlash a bit of nervousness about reinstating russia because they had been impressed by the behavior of. the few russian athletes that did compete in the young winter games they were apparently clean so was it really enough for the eye you see to justify lifting the. lever i think for the i.o.c. right from the start have been not preventing clean athletes use their lifelong dream really was to compete and then pick games for not being able to take populace that punishing russia as a country does not forget the reason for this state sponsored doping uncovered by grigorieva chain called a huge huge scandal it's been dragging on for years it overshadowed not only the buildup to overshadow the buildup to the rio games two years ago but it was the at the mcleod report helped by gregory a thousand athletes across thirty sports implicated in this program the i.o.c. said that undermined the integrity of the entire unpick movement so lifting this
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baby and i mean what does that mean it doesn't mean that doping has stalled. in russia and what does it mean for the next olympics in the russian athletes i think as far as russia is concerned it's now business as usual day as well as the i.o.c. seem keen to draw a line under all of this reweave in sort of day president vladimir putin there is welcoming the russian athletes who took part so the kremlin presenting those who did win medals ordering them because i think as far as russia is concerned these are russian athletes that won those medals they were neutrals no matter what anyone else said forget the fine print and i think that's been the problem for those people who advocate things because for them the punishment was not hostile they wanted a complete ban a blanket ban of russian athletes and i think they'll be very disappointed that this reinstatement has come very very quickly and that's a good point jonathan green from our sports desk thank you you're welcome. the syrian government has stepped. on the rebel held eastern ghouta after
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a temporary truce ended earlier today russian president vladimir putin said that his troops had managed to evacuate some civilians but. people are simply too afraid to leave aside from syrian red crescent aid workers and the odd soldier the so-called humanitarian corridor in eastern guta is otherwise empty of actual humans and bill and says stand ready to treat the wounded while provisions that aid stations are apparently plentiful. chose who want to leave can do so after a month for twenty days or they can stay even for two years because there is a school and everything they need is here to get new supplies every sixty days. but people seem too scared to risk the journey airstrikes were reported during the first five hour ceasefire and observers say that syrian government warplanes resumed their bombing almost as soon as it ended but russian president vladimir putin claims that one group did make it through. we have managed to get out quite
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a big group of those who wanted to leave from there but the second group that was prepared could not leave because the militants just to give them an opportunity to do that pittance face haunts these closely aid stations he blamed rebel groups on the grown for not respecting the ceasefire. but the united nations have cast doubt on russia's sincerity regarding the ceasefire saying little movement can occur during such a short break in fighting the international committee the red cross the middle east the rain yesterday on these it's impossible to bring humanitarian convoy in five hours agencies now have years of experience with this and it can take a day simply to checkpoints even when the parties have agreed then you have to offload the goods so there's been no humanitarian access since the resolution on saturday what has happened in the last few days. more bombing more fighting mood
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death destruction more maiming of women and children more hunger. more in other words the same. the un has been in talks with russia aimed at accelerating and he listed the resolution on all sides perhaps then some of the people whose lives have been shattered by the conflicts and start to stream than these empty roads to get the aid they so desperately need. or did his work come with a fatal price it has emerged that these slovak reporter found dead in his home on sunday was working on a story about political corruption at the highest level. who was writing about links between the italian mafia and the government and it also turns out that he feared for his life and had asked for protection from the police several slovakian officials have resigned since the murder and of course there was also the murder of his fiance martina cruz near ovah who was with him at the time the opposition says more heads should roll. journalists could see x.
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final story was the most explosive in his short career it may also have cost him his large if the story details alleged links between the italian mafia and officials working in the prime minister's office. it was published by his colleagues days after the bodies of his fiance martina kristen over were found in their bratislava home. percent convinced that the murder is connected with his writings about a link between italian mafia and slovak in politics. could see a story name two officials who have now resigned pending an investigation one of them. a chief advisor to the prime minister another. chair of the state security department both have denied any link to the killings prime minister robert fits so saying he was told a scholar has cautioned against judging the pair without evidence he's offered a reward of one million euros for information about the murders slovakia's culture
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minister also resigned ashamed that something like this could happen in his country or that the us culture minister i can't deal with the fact that the journalist was killed during my term in office. in brussels european parliamentarians held a minute of silence to honor the journalists going to their me that's. the truth with determination and didn't answer to anyone. the police declared that he was almost surely killed to stop his investigation. in case they could see x. grieving supporters want his work to be continued they marched in bratislava demanding safety for journalists and an end to corruption could see acts reporting may now have more impact on slovakia than he could have ever imagined. or wherever you're watching us from tonight i hope it's mormon toastie we want to leave you
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